Sony was noted suspiciously quiet during the CES 2016, but it could not stop the leaks and news about its latest smartphone device, Xperia C6. Some images, specifications and hardware info were leaked at different platforms. The latest device with its well-known Sony design trademark and edge-t-edge display is pretty beautiful and attractive, which is coming soon.

xperia c6

The bezel-less display is used in upcoming device, this is the same display which was already used in Sony’s last model of Xperia C5 Ultra during the year of 2015. So, after getting updates from android news site, it can be said that the upcoming phone is a developed shape of its last model. There may be something different after revealing, but still it looks like its successor. Will Sony offer its larger version in MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2016 or not, nothing can be said. Remember, the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2016 will take place on February 25, 2016. The last Mobile World Congress took place between March 2 and March 5, 2015, in which more than 93,000 participants were arrived.

Sony Experia C6 news

If we talk about the latest Xperia C6, it looks like Xperia Z3 & Z4v, similar rounded shapes and edges at which rubber bumpers look smart and safer. Volume controller is given at the same right hand side, and a rounded power button is also given with it, which makes the Xperia C6 different from Xperia Z5. In last model, a power button with fingerprint scanner was given. The scanner makes models secure and safe.

According to android news and rumors, the Xperia C6 is prepared with Full HD display of 5.5’’ screen. Oct-core MediaTek Helio P10 chipset clock is used with 2.0 GHz in it. Dual front speakers, cameras, peeling off back panel and shining color, all these news are updated on android news sites about the latest Xperia C6.

When will be the latest model of Sony Xperia C6 is arriving? For those who are waiting for the latest model of Sony, it is good news that it is hopefully arriving in next month (February). What will be the reality about specs, designs, pricing and dates, just wait for some days.