Love watching movies? Are you a complete movie freak? If your answer is yes, then you are at right place at the right time. Showbox for Android is your ultimate Buddy.  Being a movie and TV series lover myself, I always look for easiest ways to watch them. Using laptop/PC for watching my favorite movies and TV series all the time is such a hassle. As phones have become an important part of our lives, I always look for ways to get all my apps and interest on my phone.

Showbox Apk

These days, people are so busy with their lives, they have nearly forgotten to enjoy their lives. Android phones are part of our lives now. Users having Android phone or tablet can take pleasure of recently released movies and TV shows on their phones by the most resourceful, most popular and widely used entertainment app. Once you install Showbox app for Android you can watch any type of program including comedy, horror, thriller, romance etc. not only this if you are an anime lover you can watch all the popular anime shows on your phone.

Today, I bring you one of the best apps to watch movies on your phone that is “SHOWBOX”. Showbox movie app carries thousands of popular Hollywood movies and TV series with full episodes, ratings and peer reviews. If you are an Android user and don’t have Showbox movie app then you re surely missing a lot. Showbox for Android is your all-time entertainment partner.

Starting with the little bit of introduction to Showbox movie app. Showbox movie app for Android is one of the most entertaining movies streaming app.  Showbox app for Android lets you stream movies and TV shows on your phone absolutely free. You heard it right, it is “free”.

Now You can now watch movies anytime and anywhere, all you need is a strong internet connection. You must be wondering, if Showbox app for Android has all the popular shows and is free of cost, the movies must have low quality. But no, it has high resolution, you can watch high-resolution movies and TV series within a reach of one touch.

Showbox movie app for Android latest version has a simple user interface, making it much more convenient and easy option for the users. Showbox app is so good, you don’t even need to go through any registration process. Isn’t it amazing?

Showbox app for movies and TV shows app for Android is a complete entertainment package, unfortunately, it is unavailable on Google Play Store. Don’t worry, we’ve got this for you. From installation to usage, we will guide you to enjoy full benefits of this app.


Benefits of Showbox for Android:

Do you always search for ways to watch your favorite movies and TV shows by spending as low as possible? Paying dollars monthly to binge on your favorite movies and TV shows is not an excellent choice. These enlisted benefits of Showbox online movie streaming app will certainly make you try Showbox  Android app for once and trust me you won’t want to uninstall it from your phone ever.

  • Showbox app is free of cost.
  • This Light-weighted app requires just 75 MB on your Android phone.
  • Works with almost all ranges of Androids be it smartphones or tablets.
  • Any sort of registration is not required.
  • No login details and passwords required.
  • No special permissions to access your phone data needed.
  • Subtitles option enables you to see media in any language.
  • HD resolution for movies and TV shows available.
  • Full and new episodes of famous Hollywood TV shows available that too in HD.
  • You can stream and download both, whichever option is convenient.
  • You need to have a VLC media player on your phone to watch downloaded movies.
  • The application requires a fast Internet connection to stream out the movies.
  • showbox for Android app doesn’t have any ads as well. What else can you wish for?


Showbox App Android Phone Requirements:

Though the Showbox for Android has its own benefits, you should keep these requirements in your mind to avoid any sort of inconvenience.

1) A proper file manager app.

2) Latest and bug-free version of Showbox APK file.

3) Strong Internet Connection, to get things done quickly.

Features of Showbox App for Android:


Showbox app Android

If you are an explorer like me, you can easily go through the features of the Showbox- the entertaining app on your own. Since people are not much into technology here is the list of in-app features of Showbox for Android:

1) It has an easy user interface with a search option on top to search through the available context.

2) It has Menu option having easy navigation options that include Movies, TV shows, Updates, Downloads, Favorites, News, Trailers.

3) Movies options help you to navigate and search all the latest movies, with both stream and download facility.

Showbox app for Android

4) TV shows option brings you the most popular TV shows, with all the seasons and episodes. It also provides you with both stream and download facility.

5) You can also watch trailers for upcoming movies and TV Shows. Not only this you can also watch the celebrity events as well.

6) Updates option helps you stay connected with the latest updates on all movies, TV shows, and anime.

7) Want to hear all the big buzz going around in different shootings and events? News tab brings you all the latest gossips from Hollywood.

8) Want to watch your favorite movie/TV show again and again? Add it to favorites tag and watch it wherever and whenever you want.

Download Showbox for Android

9) Download tab allows you to see your movie status whether it has downloaded or not or how many MB’s are still left to be downloaded.


Without further ado, let’s dive into the download and installation process of Showbox for android.


 Showbox Download APK For Android:

Since Showbox app is not available on Google Play Store, you have to Download Showbox app and install a Showbox APK for Android. Here is the link to download Showbox app t latest version of Showbox APK i.e. version 4.94.


Showbox App Download

After downloading Showbox for android, you have to install the app on your phone.

Installation Guide For Showbox app Android:

Follow the below steps to install Showbox app on your Android phone:

1) Since it is an APK file, you have to change security options on your phone. On your Android smartphones, go to Settings > Security and enable option “unknown sources”.

Showbox install Android

2) Locate the downloaded APK file on your phone, and run the Showbox APK file directly there.

3) It will take few minutes to install the app depending on your internet speed.

Showbox App

4) Once installed, you can see the amazing Showbox app on your installed app list.


Legality of Showbox App For Android:

Few users are confounded with respect to the legality of Showbox application. They don’t know that in the case of watching media through this application is legitimate or not. Fortunately, it is totally legitimate to use this application. You are not infringing upon any law or lead on the off chance that you are utilizing it. It is linked to a trusted source, and the reality of the matter is that the application is not available on Google Play Store but rather still, you can download the Showbox for Android APK file and use it on your phone. Installing this application is only a one time task. Once installed you would then be able to get access to vast media content with this application.



On the off chance that you have downloaded Showbox for Android, you can unquestionably watch heaps of HD videos and shows online in the comfort of your home. You can without much of a stretch watch movies for nothing and remain up-to-date regarding all the most recent episodes you have missed. The application comes with its Chromecast support, so you don’t have to download any third-party media player to play the videos.

The Showbox movie streaming application’s APK file can without much of a stretch be downloaded from any outside source. Showbox app is also available for Windows and iOS as well.