Android newsroom updated that Google may allow its users to install apps of their choice, directly from search results. After that, no need of reaching Google Play Store. Google is possibly testing this user-friendly feature of downloading apps directly from Google search results. Android police reported that certain users are seeing a possible option to install the latest apps directly from search results; they will save their time and energy after not reaching to Play Store. It is also possible that everyone cannot get this new option, as well as globally rollout is definitely far into the coming days.

Android Police updated about this news that it is possible that the feature will just work from Google Search app, and not by its famous Chrome. Many users reported about it that this was started happening about one or some more months ago, as well as just in these days performed its initiate appearing on big level to be noticed. Android newsroom searched about it, and it is possible to introduce it soon by Google. Getting apps directly from Google search results is latest feature.

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To check if you have  this new feature, just visit the Google Search app then search for an app on it. Soon, you will see it on top; you can also find an installation button there, like normal. Once you tap this button (install button), you should wait for permission popup, for example; same as you see while installing apps from Play Store. If someone is unable to find this feature, just be directed to the Play Store for the installation process of app.

Not only Google, but also Facebook is testing this features for its users by the option of getting apps directly from Google search results as well as Facebook search-bar, it was about multiple topic based feeds on famous Android & iOS apps. Traditional news feed will be worked with secondary feeds with this, like Style, Travel, as well as Headlines. Posts & pages can automatically be sorted out by this new feed; users will do it in different sections just. Facebook is working a lot on this feature with e-commerce options to facilitate its users.