A blizzard watch has been issued this weekend for the major American cities such as Washington D.C., Baltimore, and New York. In real, Google wishes to keep its Android smartphone users updated with unexpected weather conditions & changes by the latest introduced Google weather app. Android newsroom says that this app will help the users to understand the surrounding weather, rainstorms and snowfalls anywhere in the United States soon.

Some keen observers of Android enthusiasts were raising questions about the use of this updated Google weather app, which was introduced by Google for smartphone users. On Thursday, it was announced, simply go to Google, write “Google” and know about the latest weather news & updates, like just ask will it rain today or not? You will find good information about weather of your area.

Google Weather App

Android newsroom shares some informative & interesting things of this app, like users can know about hourly weather updates, hourly sky and rain conditions, many weather alerts, UV (ultraviolet) index, sunrise & sunset schedule and time table, as well as a detailed ten days forecast.

After tapping on these weather results, it will also enable the users to search for different locations, and save the most used ones or want to be abreast of. Google’s introduced this weather app is no doubt helpful for different people who cannot only save themselves, but also the perishable and sensitive things can be saved like food, animals, apparels and other goods.

Among all of such the updates, this weather app is presented with latest design & attractive look. It allows the users a quick look to see the latest weather news and what the day look like here, as well as the given background colors that respond according to the sky conditions, all are wonderful.

This app can be called one of the best, user-friendly and modern weather apps, On all types of Android devices, it works better. Simply go to the Play Store, download, install in your smartphone and start using it, you will also become weather-smart soon.