At Google IO 2018 Google has announced various updates related to his products such as Google Assistant, Photos,  Maps, Android P, Lens.

Google Duplex

These days automating email composing, Google likewise needs to computerize ordinary phone calls. The organization is building up another component called Google Duplex to do this very thing. Controlled by Assistant, the product essentially makes robocalls for regular responsibilities like planning a hair arrangement or making a buffet reservation.

A robot that sounds like a man truly converses with the individual on the opposite end, all while putting on a show to be human.

The innovation appears to be inconceivable. It fills in as promoted; Google Duplex could improve your life a great deal, particularly on the event if you don’t care for making phone calls.

On the other hand, it’s additionally profoundly tragic. Presently we’re preparing artificially intelligent robots to imagine they’re us and converse with other individuals? You can figure the following plot twist in this Philip K. Dick reality, and it’s bad for the people.


New Google Assistant voices coming this year

At Google IO 2018, Google has said that six new voices are coming to Google Assistant this year. One of the voices is artist musician John Legend.

The organization exposed that, because of advancements in AI, it would now be able to grow new voices inside weeks as compared to years. Presently you can skip saying ‘Hey Google’ each time

With another element called Continued Conversation, which will be accessible in the coming weeks, you won’t need to state “Hey Google” or “OK Google” for follow-up demands. This is all piece of another activity in which Google is attempting to make Google Assistant sound more common.

Assistant will likewise have the capacity to see more unpredictable questions. For example, with another feature, called Multiple Actions, you’ll have the capacity to request numerous things in the meantime. That implies you’ll ask something like, “What’s the climate like in New York and in Austin?”

Google IO 2018 notice that the inquiry is approaching Assistant for two snippets of data in a similar inquiry. As of not long ago, it couldn’t help with that kind of demand.

Google assistant is now on more than 500 million devices including Phones. TV’s, Watches, and more. Google Assistant is Available on more than 40 Auto Brands and over 5000 connected Home Devices, from Dishwashers to Door Bells.  At Google IO 2018 Google has announced that by the end of this year Google Assistant will be available for more than 30 Languages and available in 80 countries.

Google Assistant is now more natural in terms of conversation and Smarter. now you don’t have to say everytime Hey Google to activate it. they call it Continue Conversation.




‘Pretty Please’ mode for Assistant

Google Assistant’s new Pretty Please mode urges children to state ‘please’

Another Pretty Please mode for Google Assistant will help guarantee everybody in your family unit is stating “please” and “thank you “. Whenever empowered, it reacts decidedly when you say both of those expressions.

Pretty Please can be empowered for particular individuals from your family, so you can urge your children to be affable, or you can simply play a trap on your life partner as they’re setting a clock for supper without their conduct.

In any case, the capacity requires that everybody in your home have their voice recognizable for it to be aware of who to focus on its lesson in conduct. It will reveal this late spring for the majority of Google’s smart speakers, for example, the Google Home, and outsider speakers.

Google IO 2018, Google said Pretty Please is an “option for families,” and that it’ll require Family Link to work. You can read more about Family Link from here.

Now you can also control home appliances with Google Assistant. such as controlling your room temperature.  Now you can also place your order through Google Assistant. Google Assistant is also coming to Maps now.



Google has showcased Smart Display’s at CES 2018 and will be available this July. With Smart Display’s you will be able to use Assistant on these devices similar to Amazon echo show. you can watch videos on YouTube, ask for Recipes or video call with your loved ones.


At Google IO 2018 On 10th Anniversary of Android Google has announced various AI features to its next version in Android P. With Android P now you have Dashboard where you can see how you’re spending your time with your device. Like how you much time you spent on apps? how many times did you unlock your device today? and How many notifications you received? you can drill down any of these things on your smartphone.



The other features we have with Android P is Adaptive Battery to give users more consistent battery experience. The adaptive battery on Android P will use on device machine learning to figure out which apps you will use in next few hours and which you’re not gonna use anytime soon. Dave Burke explained that there was a 30% reduction in CPU usage. along with other background processes which result in increasing battery usage for many users.


The next feature Google announced is Adaptive Brightness.  Adaptive brightness learns how you like to set a brightness slider given the ambient lighting and does it for you in a Power efficient way.


App Actions

The next feature Dave Burke introduced was app actions.  With App actions for example if you search for the Movie Infinity war you can see a suggestion to buy a movie from Fandango App from the search bar. Pretty cool isn’t it?

Android P UI:

Android P has some UI enhancements which they told they were working for more than a year such as System Navigation where you can see your recent apps with taskbar apps. Now There’s a slider to quickly go through your recent apps and home screen similar to iPhone X like Gestures. you can also select text form recent apps which has app actions built on so, for example, if you select a text which has a similar song name so you can listen on Spotify. text selection can recognizee like Sports teams, music artists.

We also saw new vertical volume and ringer control button. There’s a new rotation button also when you rotate a screen it appears on a navigation bar with which you can rotate your screen with ease.

Now there’s a new option called “Wind down” Mode. Which will force you to put your phone down to go to Sleep.

At Google IO 2018 First time they have also announced their Next version of Android P Beta program available today for more than 7 flagship device just other than Pixel Devices.

androdi p beta


Google Lens on more phones

Google Lens will go to an Android phone next to you soon by means of its default camera app, so not only a Google-marked Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL cell phone.

Google’s protest acknowledgment software utilizing the camera lens is said to take off to more cell phones. The LG G7 ThinQ, for instance, contains an AI catch easy route that prompts Google Assistant with one press and Google Lens with two presses.

At this moment, Google Lens chips away at other Android phones through the Google Photos app, yet the organization is relied upon to convey its brilliant programming to the front line at IO.


Gmail’s Smart Compose feature

Google IO 2018, Gmail’s new Smart Compose devices utilize AI to enable you to compose whole messages.

A year ago, Google introduced Smart Reply in Gmail with help you rapidly answer to approaching messages, yet now, it’s taking off Smart Compose, another AI-controlled component that causes you “draft emails from scratch”. This helps us to remember Google search’s auto-finished capacity; it recommends sentences for you to add to your messages.

It works out of sight, Google IO 2018 as you compose an email, and it offers applicable relevant expressions as you write. When you see a recommendation that you like, tap the “tab” catch to utilize it. Google said it can even lessen spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Smart Compose will show up in the following couple of weeks. However, you should utilize the new Gmail interface that took off a month ago. To begin, go to Settings > “Attempt the new Gmail.” Next, go to the general tab in your settings, look down and allow “grammatical access.”

Google Maps could get AR strolling route in future

Google has demonstrated a prospective new increased reality include it could add to Google Maps in future. The organization showed the capacity to utilize AR with a specific end goal to explore around a city by foot.

Thus it utilizes a blend of the camera, Street View, and visual area innovation to know precisely where you are, with the goal that when you hold up your phone, you satisfactorily observe your instructions floating ahead.

Besides that Google did not give a timescale on when Google Maps Google IO 2018 may get this component, however, it announced something different: Google Assistant is coming to route in the Google Maps on iOS and Android this late spring.

With this combination, you can likewise request that Assistant offer your ETA while you’re driving, and even do things like sending writings, play music, and get data – all from the Maps app.


What we didn’t see at Google IO 2018

We didn’t get all that we needed at the current year’s Google IO keynote. There are more days to this gathering, however, we consider Google is saving the accompanying news for some other time.


Google IO 2018 announcement the most recent year has been one of development and change for Google as Android and Chrome develop and merge and Assistant, drove by progressions in machine learning and AI, has taken center phase in Google’s plans.

In the meantime, Google IO 2018 announcement has been held to the fire for indicating false news in its explore carousel and confessing to not doing what’s needed to restrain the spread of fanatic recordings on YouTube.

At Google IO 2018 announcement, the organization tended to these topics and declared numerous new devloperstools for engineers to improve their apps and services.