Pakistan is a growing economy in which yearly import data shows that the use of smartphones is increasing day by day after the arrival of 3G & 4G networks in the country. Most of the imports belong to China, a strong economic & strategic partner of Pakistan in the region, and some others American & European countries. Here, most of the smartphones are Android operated along with several others such as Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows operated systems. Android newsroom updated that the future of smartphones in Pakistan is bright after seeing and observing a lot of things, some are discussed here:

Firstly, the trend of internet usage on smartphones has been increased in Pakistan. This is increasing due to accessible prices & packages offered by cellular companies. The people use Internet for a couple of purposes like entertainment, official requirements, educational purposes as well as research & development projects.

Secondly, the future of smartphones in Pakistan is bright due to fashion, status and increasing amount of wealth in the country. People love to keep the latest and branded smartphones with them in offices, markets and universities. The purchasing power of Pakistanis is progressing slightly.

Thirdly, Android newsroom updated that the attractive and decreasing prices of such devices are one of the main factors for that future of smartphones in Pakistan looks bright. Chinese, Taiwanese and European smartphone prices are lowering due to increasing competition in national market.

Lastly, smartphone features provide different offers of easy, convenient and fast voice chatting. WhatsApp, IMO, Skype and many more are popular here. Time and energy is saved from such apps & features. Off and online voice, call as well as video chat features are available via such mobile apps and software. These are so easy and simple in use, even a primary pass person can use these apps on Apple, Windows and Android phones. Friends & families use these features and apps for group chat, people can remotely meet online from their beloved ones who are living abroad.

According to Android newsroom reports, the future of smartphones in Pakistan is bright really. National entrepreneurs & businessmen along with foreign investors can get benefit from this opportunity.