Facebook is now part of everyone’s life and is playing a great role in influencing plus entertaining us. In our home, college, office or anywhere we are constantly using Facebook and watching videos and memes, tagging friends, posting status and what not. Sometimes we wish to download the videos just like we save our favorite images. Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow its users to download Facebook videos. However, A Facebook video downloader for Android that can help you to download your favorite Facebook videos for free. 

Best Facebook Video Downloader for Android

Here are few apps that can tell you how to download FB videos :

1. Video downloader for FB :

Video downloader for FB is one of the best free Facebook video downloaders for Android. It is easy to download and simple to use. Video Downloader for Facebook allows you to browse through your Facebook account, your news feed and your friends/pages walls using a built-in browser that allows you to select the video you want to download and save them so you can watch it later and share it with your friends via different apps. Although, there are many ads in this downloader and user cannot choose the quality before downloading the video. Apart from this, you can download this Facebook video downloader for free.

Features :

  • Easy to use.
  • Built-in browser.
  • Allows you to save videos to download or watch them later.
  • Safe and lightweight.

2. Social Video Downloader :

This free facebook video downloader for Android to download videos not just from Facebook but from Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Vine. I personally think this is the best downloader because it has fewer ads and is easy to use. It supports large files. So if you want to download videos from different social media websites you can install this facebook video downloader.

Features :

  • Fast downloader
  • HD Quality videos
  • user-friendly
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3. Fast HD Video Downloader for Facebook :

Fast HD video downloader for facebook is actually really fast and downloads all its video in HD Quality. It is free and is easy to download. This free video downloader has many features that abate your many worries related to space, speed, quality, and sharing.

Features :

  • Download videos from any social media networks.
  • Run in Background.
  • Possibility to download more files at the same time.
  • Download videos from any page, even the pages you are not liked by you.
  • Support large file of any formats to download.
  • Resume paused or broken downloads if it is supported by the website.
  • Pause, delete, cancel and restart the download.
  • Upload or Share download videos on Social Media Networks.
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4. Video Downloader for Facebook and Instagram :


This free video downloader app for Android user lets you download your favorite videos from Facebook and Instagram. I will recommend this app because it downloads the video really fast. It has a built-in browser. You just have to select the video you want to download from Facebook or from Instagram and save them to your device so you can watch and share them later with your friends. However, ads do pop up which can be annoying but you can close them with one click and enjoy your downloading.

Features :

  • User-friendly
  • Fast and easy
  • Built-in browser

5. Instube :

InsTube Video Player
InsTube Video Player
Developer: AppLuckGo
Price: Free
  • InsTube Video Player Screenshot
  • InsTube Video Player Screenshot
  • InsTube Video Player Screenshot
  • InsTube Video Player Screenshot
  • InsTube Video Player Screenshot
  • InsTube Video Player Screenshot

The Instube is another free Facebook video downloader. It not only downloads video from facebook but from YouTube, DailyMotion, Instagram, Twitter and many other sites. And yes you can also download songs from this amazing app. I have been using this app and will definitely recommend this free video downloader to you guys. It provides you the option to choose the quality of the video before downloading as well.  So what are you waiting for simply download this video and enjoy with your friends.

Features :

  1. Easy and simple app
  2. Supports many websites
  3. User-friendly and pleasant app design
  4. Downloads mp3 as well

6. Facebook video Downloader 2.2.2 for Android :

Download FB Video Downloader

This Facebook video downloader enables you to download your favorite video without unnecessary features. It simply downloads your favorite videos in the simple and easy way. It has fewer ads. You can share your downloaded videos with your friend within the app. The design of the app is really bright. Many users are satisfied with this app.


Now you can download your Facebook videos from above mentioned free Facebook video downloader for Android and share those favorites videos, vines, and songs with your friends and family.