Many people after some hectic work routine find solace in music. Many want to enjoy music while on the go or even working. Music enthusiasts like these really want always a fresh and soothing songs collection with them. Downloading songs from a website often gets annoying. Its much better if there is an app on your device that offers you to search through the latest collection, save it on your phone and lets you enjoy. Most of best music downloader apps for Android comes with additional cloud storage option. So, you don’t worry about memory storage of your device and keep extending the list.

In this article, we will cover some best yet free music downloader apps for Android. Go through them and pick your favorite.


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In the world of competing apps for Android, this app fits it’s self perfectly as the best music downloader app for Android devices. SONGily allows you to download music in MP3 format and listen to it. You can also share files with your friends or download music outside of the app and enjoy but why would you do that? Through SONGily you can search through the latest songs and pick your favorite.


  • free download of songs
  • supports MP3 format
  • supports sharing with everybody!


the world’s largest audio and music streaming platform. This best app for music download for Android comes with over 150 million tracks available for music lovers.

With users base of 100 million, Soundcloud is one of its own kind. It lets you enjoy music according to your mood. Create your own personalized song lists to play, for parties, work, workouts or whatever mood you are in.

Soundcloud lets you connect with your friends and favorite artists. Follow them and get notified of their latest work to enjoy instantly.

Discover music according to any genre from a wide variety of ever-expanding music.

Organize your collection an enjoy offline. Get suggested for new and latest uploads according to your preference. Use Soundcloud daily for more fine-tuned recommendations.. Get your playlist personalized according to your taste on daily basis.


  • enjoy a collection of over 150 million tracks
  • create a number of personalized playlists separate for workout, parties, and moods!
  • Get recommended for uploads of your choice on daily basis.
  • Follow your friends and enjoy music together by sharing and chatting
  • Follow your favorite artists. Enjoy their music and keep yourself updated on them and their latest work.
  • Find song of every genre, Sound Cloud will not fail you!



one of the best music downloader apps for Android, Download MP3 music, boasts million MP3 tracks from all over the world. In addition to all the renowned artists, you can find a separate category for unrecognized ones. Listen to their unrecognized talent, enhance your song’s list and enjoy. All music tracks are available of high quality. Listen to them for free, if found soothing, download on your Android device.

Download MP3 Music allows a flexible songs search. Search by tracks, artists, albums, genres, instruments, popularity, moods, and more.

Lyrics are also available with this fast and best app for music download on Android.


  • The vast dataset, more than a million high-quality MP3 tracks.
  • All tracks are verified and available for personal use
  • lyrics of non-instrumental songs are available
  • number of ways to search (artists, genre, etc)
  • high-quality grouping of songs by genres, instruments, and moods. All genres and instruments are available to enjoy.


SPOTIFY: free music streaming:

with a user base in millions, Spotify, stands out as the best music downloader app for Android. Tracks are available in all genres, dance, pop, hip-hop, jazz and more. Download songs for free and stream them. Spotify simply proves as a go-to music downloader.

Create your own music playlist by searching all the latest artists. Go through their songs and download your favorite ones.


  • find music, play songs, stream albums from all your favorite artists.
  • Listen to free music with the song downloader and music player to create your own playlist.
  • Stream radio stations and play music from all over the world.
  • Play music with the Spotify and connect to your PC, laptop or smart TV.

Only one drawback of this amazingly free music downloader app is that it is not available all over the world! So maybe you are from a region where Spotify is not yet supported. If you are in US, Europe, Australia or some specific regions of Asia, you are good to go with the best music downloader of Android.



one of the best music download apps for Android, Wynk music, is a music streaming app boasting 20 million songs, 1 million videos and thousands of playlists from all renowned artists and every genre. Browse through the collection and find the real treat to your mood. Save it on your phone and also share with your friends.

With Wynk music you can access all content offline without internet or data spending. Where ever you are, whatever time it is, open Wynk music, discover some real talent, browse for your favorite songs, create your playlists, and enjoy all time.


  • A wide collection of music audios and songs, encompassing all artists and genres
  • create and organize your personalized songs list.
  • Share with your friends the latest treat you listened to.
  • Enjoy while on the go, even if you have no internet access, all for free.



Next on our bucket of best music downloader apps for Android is Rock My Run. A real music stop for all fitness freaks while running. Rock My Run comes all that music which you need while running or working out. Great motivation for your fitness mood, this app rocks with best DJs to produce mixes and tracks that boosts your mood and body.

Featured on different platforms like TIME magazine, Racheal Ray show and others, this best music downloader for Android, is proved to increase motivation and enjoyment for its users.


  • choose any genre that lifts your mood and motivation.
  • New suggestions for mixes and tracks based on your listening routines.
  • Use this app for gym, running, cycling or whenever you want
  • experience a unique blend of music especially for workout experience so you stop hitting skip!
  • Mixes built in beats per minute to enhance the feel, boost you up, and keep you going.
  • Works seamlessly with other workout apps like Nike+, Runkeeper etc. so they keep tacking, Rock My Run keeps rocking and you keep training!

In a nutshell, stop relying on a google search! Enhance and improve your music listening experience with these best music download apps for Android. Enjoy your preferred and best songs with these amazing downloader apps for Android and that too for free. Go through all these, and select your one-stop for daily music!