Many of us desire to run our Android applications on our desktops or laptops. For running them, there are several emulators which can serve us this purpose. Whether you want to play a specific android game on your PC or you want to use your WhatsApp, Android Emulators for PCs serve that purpose. Android emulators have the capacity to replicate the entire android system on your PC with its functionalities. Android emulators are for Windows 7 to Windows 8 and 10 too. Some of the emulators can be run on any OS.

In the following article, you’d discover the best Android emulators for PC. From the best Android emulator for Windows 7 to the best Android emulator for Windows 10. We will be providing with the details of each emulator so you can decide it for yourself which one works best for you.

What are Emulators?

Emulation is basically ‘imitating’. Emulators replicate the internal system of a specific device (the host) and run it on another device (the guest.) Emulators are basically designed to run the internal system of devices on the other one which isn’t designed for such systems. For example: remember those 90’s games of Nintendo and Arcade Games? Many still consider that those can’t run those games anymore because our systems have become too advanced to run such games anymore. If you are also amongst such then you are actually heading wrong. Because you can run all the games of your past on your new systems using emulators. Emulators can replicate those games for you. Emulators can both be in the form of software and hardware.

Many of us desire to run our Android applications on our desktops or laptops. For running them, there are several emulators which can serve us this purpose. Whether you want to play a specific android game on your PC or you want to use your WhatsApp, we will be featuring some of the best Android Emulators for PC which serve these purposes. Android emulators have the capacity to replicate the entire android system on your PC with its functionalities.

Now the question is, which emulators should we use? What is the best Android emulator for Windows 10 or what is the best Android emulator for Windows 7? ones which can perfectly fit as per our system requirements? For this, we suggest the ‘trial and error’ method. Below are listed some of our reviews which we have written after doing our research and we hope that you’ll find them beneficial enough to get started.

1- BlueStacks


Our first emulator on the list is Bluestacks. Bluestacks, as per their official website claims, is the most advanced gaming platform for pc, also powered by Android N. With Android N being powered, users can play the newest and the most advanced mobile games with one’s keyboard and mouse. One of the distinctive features that you’ll find in BlueStacks is that it provides you with the facility of opening multiple tabs and allows the user to switch between those tabs while playing multiple games. As in you can play multiple games as well as can open multiple accounts at the same time. You can connect with your friends.

The features of BlueStacks are as follows:


  • BlueStacks gives the accessibility to faster GamePlay than your phone.
  •  BlueStacks provides better Graphics than your phone or tablet.
  •  You can play the multiple numbers of games on a side by side windows.
  •  You don’t have to delete your pictures or music for making more space for your games, because now you can easily play them on your PC.



Andyroid is the second in our list of emulators. With zero investment, Andyroid provides its users with a number of features. It provides its users with full Android User Interface free of cost. Also, Andyroid supports both Windows and MAC. In Windows, it supports in Windows 7 and 8 while in MAC, it supports MAC OSX. Along with this, Andyroid allows its users to use the Phone as Controller, grants full accessibility to Google PlayStore and allows the users with Desktop User notifications. Andyroid comes with some other features as well such as sensors integration, camera integration, and Microphone integration. It supports apps like Hangouts and gives you the full Android experience on your desktop.


  • Andyroid allows the users to use their phone as a controller for playing games.
  •  You can run all your communication apps using Andyroid on your desktop such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, and Hangouts etc.
  •  It grants seamless transition of apps from PC to Mobile Device without having any wireless or wireline connection.
  •  Just like BlueStacks, Andyroid allows you to save storage on your phone and shift it onto your PC.

3- GenyMotion

Genymotion is the third in our list of emulators. It is perfect for developers since it has been developed for such audience. Since it’s a desktop and cloud-based Android emulator, thus it is more than an emulator. It’s a virtualization platform which helps the professional developers in fulfilling their professional needs. GenyMotion’s most distinctive feature is that GenyMotion Cloud is now also available on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. With their Develop, Test and Deliver motto, GenyMotion permits its developers to develop and test their apps before getting them delivered. However, with all such amazing features, GenyMotion does have its own cost. From Indie users to enterprise ones, Genymotion has got it covered for all.

Following are some of GenyMotion’s spectacular features.


  • If you’re a developer then you can develop higher quality apps with GenyMotion’s 3000+ virtual device configurations’ feature.
  • Not just once or twice, GenyMotion allows the developers to test their apps enumerable times.
  • With conducting private beta and allowing the users to use the app both on the desktop and mobile features, Genymotion promises to promote and deliver your app in style.

4- MEmu


The fourth one in our list is MEmu. Amongst its spectacular features, one is that it gives support to AMD and chipsets. Along with that, MEmu supports Android JellyBean, KitKat or Lollipop. Basically, MEmu’s primary motive has been to provide its users with the ultimate game experience with their emulator. MEmu’s distinctive feature is that not only does it support multiple Android systems but it gives its users to choose between diverse languages as well- up to 20 languages. MEmu has more than 20 million users all across the globe. MEmu visions to provide its users with an ultimate platform to play, connect and create.

The features of MEmu are as follows:


  • MEmu has multiple instances feature where it allows its users with easy to level multiple accounts for same game or play games on same account simultaneously.
  • MEmu has smooth control feature which makes it simple and convenient to play mobile games with the help of mouse and keyboard.
  • Gives the users with the support of all-in-one service- from custom Android.

5- Xamarin


Xamarin is the fifth emulator in our list. Xamarin is basically an IDE. Specifically designed for developers, this particular emulator caters the need of developers who seek to run, test and check their apps before launching.  Xamarin comes with the integration of Visual Studio which works seamlessly. Xamarin, because of its standard, provides its users with the best experience possible. With native user interface experience to native API access and performance, Xamarin has its standards set for its users. It provides its users with the native user interface experience. Native API Access of Xamarin provides its users with complete functionality which includes some of the platform-specific capabilities such as ARKit and Android Multi-Window mode.

Xamarin provides its users with the hardware acceleration which is a platform-specific feature of Xamarin. This cannot be achieved by interpreting codes on a runtime solution. Although GenyMotion has an upper hand on Xamarin as compared to Xamarin, still Xamarin fulfils the required job.

Some of its features are listed below:


  •  Xamarin target all platforms, be it Android, iOS or Windows.
  •  You can choose to develop on any of your preferred Operating System.
  • It provides with the features such as multi-touch, simulation, accelerometer, battery, GPS etc.
  • On top of this, Xamarin is free for personal use.

6- KOPlayer

If you are a gamer and love playing games then this sixth emulator on our list is for you. KOPlayer emulator is specifically designed for playing games. With its seamless features, it allows all the games and apps to run and play on PC. Built on Architectures like x86, it supports some of the advanced features like hardware acceleration and OpenGL.  Though, apparently, it seems that it only supports games but it can actually run other apps as well. Some of the features of KOPlayer are listed below:


  • This emulator can support multiple accounts.
  • Not only that it can support multiple accounts, in fact, it provides its users with the options of video recording as well. You can video record whenever or wherever you want to.
  • Since it is integrated with Google Play store, thus it is compatible and capable to run almost all the Google Play Store Apps.

7- YouWave Emulator

YouWave emulator

The seventh in our list of emulators is a YouWave emulator. This emulator is amongst one of the oldest emulators for PCs. The free version of this emulator uses Icecream Sandwich. However, if you’d like to try its premium version and if you’re willing enough to spend some money on exploring this emulator, then you can get your hands on its Lollipop version as well. Furthermore, it supports Mac as well. Along with that, it provides its users with the fastest and highest performance. Easy to use and install, it can import and run apps seamlessly on your PC. It is good for light gaming and productivity. The key features of this emulator are listed below:


  •  YouWave supports Android 5.1 Lollipop on Premium and 4.0 ICS on the free version.
  • It runs almost on all Windows- XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • The SDCard of youwave emulator allows its users to save the games.
  •  Provides the users with control-button functionality and dynamic rotation.

8- Droid4X

droid4x emulator

The eighth emulator in our list is Droid4X. Based on Android 4.2.2 Operating System, Droid4x is capable of supporting and running all Android apps. Droid4X gives the options of personalizing one’s controls. Also, it allows the users to video record whatever they are playing on their screen. Not only this, but it also allows the users with the image setting options. With its user-friendly interface and AI features, Droid4X endeavors to give its users the best experience possible. Not only that, Droid4X comes for free. However, there’s this premium version available of Droid4X which, if the users feel the urge to explore more, can buy.

Droid4X features are as follows:


  • Droid4X comes with a pre-installed PlayStore feature, though almost all the emulators provide this feature, Droid4X provides the feature of editing as well.
  •  It supports the keyword functions like CTRL+V or CTRL+C et cetera.
  •  With spending a penny, you can have access to Droid4X’s GPS and VPN built-in features.
  • Since the emulator keeps on updating every now and then, thus it gives elegant visual experience to its users.
  •  With its remote like feature, you can control your phones or tablets even from your PC.

9- Archon


The ninth in our list of emulators is ARChon. ARChon is a unique kind of emulator. It’s not like the traditional ones where one has to download or install on the PC first. You’d have to add its extension in the chrome first and then you can run it on your PC- be it Windows, Mac or Linux. Afterward, you should have an APK Android file. And convert that into a readable format. The features of ARCHON are as follows:

Download Archon


  • Performs better for playing light games.
  • It can get crashed in between. Resultantly, Chrome and extension can both get crashed in the process.
  • As compared to other emulators, currently, this emulator isn’t very reliable because of its limitations.
  • Not very stable.
  • Runs very limited apps.
  • It will not run outside the Chrome Browser.
  • It can run on any Operating System.


The tenth and the last emulator in our list is AMIDuOS. One of the most effective and finest emulators as per to-date. AMIDuOS works exceptionally well on Windows 7,8 or 10 Operating Systems and gives the users with the latest features available. However, the bad part is that AMIDuOS developers will not be working on its updates or bug fixes from now onwards. So, you can still use this emulator but don’t expect an error-free environment. There are possibilities that you may encounter some issues. Because developers have now stopped working on its further updates.

Download AMIDuOS

The features of AMIDuOS are as follows:


  • It comes with a pre-installed Amazon Appstore.
  • It is compatible with ARM v7.
  • Supports the file sharing and storage between Windows and Android.


In our conclusion, the best android emulator for PC and the best android emulator for Windows 10 is BlueStacks. We’d recommend the users to try BlueStacks because we have personally tried and tested this emulator. It has an elegant UI/UX and has provided the best services so far. You can download any kind of app- be it a social app or a game from Bluestacks and it runs perfectly well, just like it does on your android.