Data monitoring apps are cost-effective tools that give you complete control over total data usage on your mobile. It covers both mobile & Wi-Fi network data usage for better results. A good data tracking app to keep a check on the data consumption on your iOS device. It prevents it from running wildly. In this article, we have discussed different best data usage apps for Android.

1. My Data Manager:

My Data Manager is one of the best data usage apps for Android.  it is an efficient app to help you to manage the mobile data and save money. It tracks and controls data. Also, track the free calls and message usage. This app is capable of managing your data across the device. Trusted by 14.8 million users worldwide. The best feature of My Data Manager is that you can connect multiple devices to track data. If you’re on a shared plan connect everyone to the shared plan.


  •  Easy to understand charts
  •  Detect your carrier
  •  More custom options than Data Usage
  •  Different Data trackers.

2. Data Usage:

Data usage app for Android name refers that this is one of the best data monitor apps for Android. The data usage app is easy to install and uses theme colors that change to reflect current usage status. It offers predictive forecast where you can set daily data limit and get updates. This app is the ability to set thresholds. It receives notifications for exceeded limits. With the app, you can optimize your internet usage app wise. This you can clean cache and the RAM using this application. It works on advance Data usage that manages and tracks your data limit.


  • Calculates the ideal data usage
  • The battery icon shows the percentage of data usage
  • It tells us the history of your data
  • Predicting when you will go over your limits and setting daily quotas

 3. 3G WatchDog:

3G WatchDog is free mobile Internet monitoring application developed by Richard Gruet. The name suggests that the application is only for 3G data but it can also support to monitor both 3G and 4G data. It shows status icons (green, red, orange) in the notification bar. It gives us a detailed report page. This app is essential especially for users who often check their 3G usages for irregular content downloads.


  • 3G Watchdog can monitor all wireless usage
  • It is well designed and easy to guide
  • It shows data counter at the top that is more useful
  • Easily export the report as a CSV file


4. Internet Speed Meter:

Internet Speed Meter Lite displays your internet speed in status bar. It shows the amount of data used in notification pane. This helps you to monitor network connection anytime while using your Android device. It offers real-time speed updates in status bar & notification. It has daily traffic usage, separate stats for the mobile & Wi-Fi network. Internet Speed Meter monitors traffic data usage for up to 30 days.


  • It can set the position of the speed meter widget
  • You have an option to get an ad-free
  • It offers battery efficient feature
  • It is the most simple app

5. myAT&T:

AT&T All Access helps you to avoid overage fees by monitoring your mobile data usage. Set alerts view other devices on your AT&T Mobile Share plan. It gets notifications when approaching your data limit. you can use AT&T AllAccess to turn your device into a mobile hotspot. Then you can share your connection with friends, family, and colleagues. so they can enjoy on-the-go access, too.


  • Manage your wireless account
  • View billing details
  • Pay your bill
  • Upgrade your phone or plan
  • Make changes to your plan

6. My Verzion:

The My Verizon app lets you manage your entire Verizon account from anywhere. It works best with recent or unlimited plans. The My Verizon app offers basic data monitoring capability. you can manage and review your plans, pay your bill from the app. Command your shop for new devices and accessories. It can also Scan items in a Verizon store for self-checkout.


  • Use the apps data hub as a data control center
  • Gain on-demand support
  • Shop for new devices and accessories
  • Check-in for appointments in a Version store


7. DataWiz:

DataWiz tracks the amount of data that you have sent to the network. It analyzes that amount and creates predictions. You can set an alert if you go above your capacity. You can be modified it for a variety of settings. Also billing periods. The special feature is that alert for daily Data usage App for android. DataWiz is similar to our favorite data tracker, Data manager. But it’s free. DataWiz notifies by setting caps on data usage. DataWiz will alert you when those limits are reached so you don’t exceed your data allowance.


  • DataWiz is easy to set up and use
  • It is used to create a VOIP account
  • It has an ability to understand precisely tracks.

 8. DataMan:

DataMan’s free app is a simple Data usage App that gives you reports on your overall data use. It is scanty but gives you all the information from data usage stands. DataMan specifies your billing data and data allowance. It tells us about how much data you’re likely going to waste. Available in two variants, DataMan Next and DataMan pro. It wants to let you take control of your data consumption. When you could check regularly DataMan, the real benefit of this app is that can alert you to a certain period.


  •  It displays the statistics
  •  DataMan is tracking cellular data
  •  It shows past usage

9. Glass Wire data usage:

Glass Wire makes it easy to track your mobile data and Wi-Fi internet activities. It shows you how much mobile data apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Pokemon Go, and others use. It instantly knows every time a new app accesses the network. The Glass Wire gives you extra safety by monitoring your network activity for possible threats. Glass Wire can also save your money by monitoring your network activity. The Glass Wire is an excellent tool for monitoring Data Usage on Android. It is one of the best Data usage Apps for Android. It not only offers really useful features but also a nice and elegant interface.


  • Glass Wire adds extra internet security
  • It is easy to use to see network activity
  • It works exactly the same way on a remote server.