With advancement in technology, most of the people have smartphones now and are using to record their life events, important email; business or personal, confidential data. Gone are the days when we used to turn to laptops or computers to use bank accounts, emails, and social media. Now we have everything on our smartphone i-e; baking apps, emails, messaging and social media. So a smartphone is a mobile bank of our personal information that we carry everywhere with us and to protect the sensitive data we have best app lockers for Android. Smartphone has become a very confidential personal gadget over the years.

With a small carelessness, this cute looking device can get us in trouble and we can be vulnerable to the danger if it reaches a third person. As the files can be leaked and anyone can misuse the files as he likes.

To hide personal data from smartphones, people started searching for the ways, by which they can protect their pictures, emails, messages, videos etc. from anyone they want. Developers worked day and night and gave the solution to smartphone users; they developed the best app lockers for Android that helps to maintain the privacy.

In iOS, we have to jailbreak to lock our apps with Touch ID, but in Android smartphones, we have a large number of smart applications that help us to keep our information hidden.

It’s not so long ago when we use to rely on our Android smartphone lock screen security as you know its default in Android phones. We use this security setting to prevent any unlawful access to our phone. But now we prefer using app lockers for Android and hide whatever we want even inside the Android phone.

  • In Android smartphones, we lock the apps by using a password or a PIN.
  • Apps can also be locked using the fingerprint scanner.
  • Some apps are using unique styles to help us keep our data private.

Once you have decided to lock your Android smartphone using an app locker, you can simply go to Google Play store and search for app lockers. You will get tons of app lockers for Android, you are thinking which one is the best app lockers for Android then this post is for you.

Best App Lockers for Android in 2018

In this post, I will try to write about few Best Locker Apps for Android 2018 to help you safeguard your confidential personal data. You can easily use any of these app locks on your Android smartphone.

Let’s jump and dig!

Most of the app lockers for Android support the fingerprint scanner and all of master few great features.

1 – AppLock

Developer: DoMobile Lab
Price: Free+
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot

AppLock is provided by DoMobile Lab. AppLock is for sure one of the best app locker apps available on google play store.

What can an AppLock do for you?

It can help you with some basic stuff like locking up specific apps. It can also help you to lock up specific photos or the videos.

What AppLock has?

It has the option to;

  • Fingerprint support
  • It can block incoming calls
  • Helps with uninstalling different apps,
  • Helps with Bluetooth etc.
  • AppLock is available for free on google play store.
  • You have the option of premium features

AppLock is a great help to many and is one of our favorites.

2 – AppLock (by IvyMobile)

Developer: IVYMOBILE
Price: Free
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot

AppLock (by IvyMobile) is another one of the best app locker apps for the Android smartphones.

What can AppLock (by IvyMobile)  do?

  • AppLock (by IvyMobile) will simply look like an ordinary app on your phone.
  • This AppLocker for Android smartphone helps to improve the ability to lock your photos and personal videos on your Android smartphone.

How AppLock (by IvyMobile) works?

  • The application has an invisible pattern lock and the keyboard is available to make your system even more secure if you have a third person who tries to get into your privacy.
  • You have different themes with this app.
  • This app helps to change the icon on your Android smartphones and then you can easily hide the app
  • It features the lock frequency, and a lot of more features are available.
  • The feature that I like most is this app locker have an ability to take a photo of the person who tries to peep in your smartphone and doesn’t put correct password.
  • You can download from google play store free and use this AppLocker with ease.

This is one of the great app lockers for Android that are available in google play store.

3 – Applock – Fingerprint Unlock

Cheetah Mobile developers are the one who made Fingerprint Unlock.

  • The best feature of Applock app is this app locker do not have ads, an antivirus or the booster features etc.
  • This AppLock is very simple and master of its work.
  • It locks any app on your android smartphone with your fingerprint scanner.
  • Another winner feature of this app lock is, it takes the picture of the person who deliberately or unknowingly tries to open your phone.

With this Applocker, you can lock your;

  • Wi-Fi,
  • Incoming calls,
  • Bluetooth,
  • Uninstallations,
  • Phone settings, and much more.

It is available in Google Play store for free.

The drawback of using this app locker is, if the person who has your phone has enough time, he can unlock your apps by bypassing this app locker. It’s better if you use this app locker for kids or friends but not an attacker.

4 – Vault-Hide SMS,Pics & Videos,App Lock,Cloud backup

  • There are 50 Million downloads of this app lock on Google play store. The rating is 4.5 Star.
  • This App Locker is available on Play Store with bit more functionality.
  • Main Feature of this app is lock feature, but as the name indicates, additionally it also locks your SMS, pictures & videos, your contacts, call logs, private bookmarks, browsers and other information.
  • It helps to protect your privacy and prevent efficiently any leaks.
  • It has a private browser that will leave no traces of your surfing.
  • The private bookmark feature is also available in your private browser to bookmark and hide some websites.
  • This app lock also provides you with cloud backup to store your data and never lose it.
  • With cloud backup, you can also transfer your data to any device you want.
  • This app creates multiple vaults and from which there are fake too, to protect your privacy.
  • You can enjoy Stealth Mode with advanced features and it makes the Vault to disappear from your phone screen and can appear once correct password is entered. This provides extra privacy protection feature to hide your stuff.
  • Vault App lock is a great app for those, who want to enjoy some extra features along with app locking.

The drawback of the privacy browser is, it’s not so great, it is better that you go for  Chrome’s Incognito mode while browsing online.

5 – App Locker

App Locker the name is very simple but the application is a great app locker for Android. Depending on available features of your smartphone this app supports both pattern unlocking as and fingerprint unlocking. It does not has so many extra features to do more but focuses on keeping your apps and settings safe.

  • This app locker for Android also works well with the images and video.
  • The Material Design guidelines are also followed by this app locker.
  • The app has a nice look and you can select from available themes to make the appearance as per your taste.
  • There is warning from the developer about not be functional with Huawei and Xiaomi devices. Therefore, if you are using Huawei and Xiaomi devices do not use this app locker please, as it may not work. Be careful, please!
  • The drawback is, this app locker for Android can also be bypassed if the attacker has enough time.

So, you can select any one from these App lockers for Android smartphone and do let us know about your thoughts in the comments or if you have any suggestion to update the list please feel free to comment.